Release Notes


  • Move to Checkstyle 4.0 (1216437)
  • Documentation is now W3C compliant
  • Launching JBCS on a complete project only parses files once (1247161)
  • Not possible to launch parsing when parsing is already running (844771)
  • Visual feedback was added (status bar, center less cross icon) to tell the parser is currently running (844767)


  • Move to Checkstyle 3.5
  • Tested on JBuilder 2005 Update 4
  • Fix a bug with line highlighting that sometimes requires a double click in the messsage pane
  • Move keymap from Ctrl+Alt+C to Shift+Alt+C to remove conflict with default mapping
  • Fix a bug with keymap on JBuilder 2005 (it wasn't working at all)


  • Add support for Checker basedir property. JBCS wasn't able to select correctly files containing errors if this property was used


  • Now able to exclude file paths when running checkstyle over a project or a package
  • Change keyboard mapping from Ctrl+Shift+C to Ctrl+Alt+C to keep default try/catch refactoring mapping


  • Some clean up and updates for JBuilder X
  • Tested with JBuilder X


  • Errors when launching the plugin can be fixed without relaunching JBuilder
  • Better error handling showing popups instead of System.out


  • Now possible to edit JBCS preferences ( from Tools->IDE Options->Checkstyle
  • Checkstyle launching time is now quicker
  • Does not cause JBuilder to be slower at launch time because of the plugin anymore
  • Lots of internal refactoring
  • Now possible to show only selected types of check failures (severityShown property)


  • Move to Checkstyle 3.2


  • Initial releasse
  • Use Checkstyle 3.1